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Life Insurance
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Take Care of Your Loved Ones, No Matter What

Although it's a sad thought, one day you won’t be here to support your loved ones anymore. What will you do to help your spouse, kids, and parents? The answer lies in life insurance. By investing in life insurance, you can guarantee that your family will receive proper compensation when you pass on. The best time to get life insurance was yesterday, and the second-best time is now. 


The Two Types of Life Insurance:

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance pays out if you pass away in a certain time period set out in your policy. This period can range from one to 30 years. If you do not pass away during that time, your loved ones cannot receive the payout. But the policyholder can typically renew for another term if one expires. 

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance lasts for as long as you live. One benefit of whole life insurance is that your premium usually stays the exact same cost throughout the length of the policy, which can save you money down the road. Another benefit is that your whole life policy has a cash value. This means you can withdraw some or all of the policy’s cash value if needed.