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Renter's Insurance

You may think that renters insurance is unnecessary if you’re living in an apartment. Not true! Pipes can still burst and robberies can still happen, even if you're in a temporary living space. Renters insurance is a cost-effective way to account for your personal belongings. If something ever happens, you can pay for your items again. 


Motorcycle Insurance

Just like a car, your motorcycle requires comprehensive insurance to keep you safe. As a motorcyclist, you probably understand how unpredictable drivers can be. If something ever happens, The Treece Agency has your back. No matter what kind of budget you’re on or what type of motorcycle you drive, we can help.


ATV Insurance

Are you thinking of hitting the trails with your ATV this summer? Before you go, swing by The Treece Agency. We set you up with insurance that covers collisions and more. You can enjoy your ATV trip to the fullest when you know you're protected. Make an appointment with us today! 


Boat Insurance

A boat is a valuable investment. Make sure your money doesn't go to waste if your boat suffers a collision. Contact us for boat insurance! You don’t have to worry about freak storms or damage when you choose us. Riding on the open seas is less stressful when you know you’re covered. 

Pet Insurance

Your furry friend deserves to be protected as well! Just like you, your animal companion may run into high medical bills or health problems. Pet insurance helps save your wallet from these bills. The Treece Agency offers pet insurance through several reliable carriers, and we'll help you find a price point that fits in your budget.

RV Insurance

Both a vacation home and a vehicle, your RV is a valuable investment that plays double duty. Whether you're taking your RV out every day or just every summer, it's a smart idea to insure it. We'll assess your RV's type, age, and condition to come up with several quotes. Enjoy your road trips with the peace of mind that you're safe.